Julie Krenz, District Manager

Superior Job

 Monster Wash has been coming in to clean for us for a little over two years now. Kevin and his team do a superior job of cleaning our kitchen exhaust hoods and rotisserie oven. They are never afraid to ask us what we need or take a look around our restaurant and give us quotes and examples of other services that they can offer. They keep a schedule for us and always call to remind us when we are scheduled for our next cleaning. Their work ethic and attention to detail are second to none.

Monster Wash genuinely cares about everything that they do. They take their job seriously and you can really trust them. We are able to give them the keys to our store when we leave at night and know that everything is in great hands. Monster Wash takes a lot of pride in the quality of work that they put out and does a great job of taking care of us as a customer.

Julie Krenz, District ManagerMilwaukee Burger Company


Sharon Hannafin

Fire Protection

We are happy to recommend Monster Wash to our commercial kitchen fire system customers. Monster Wash provides a professional, thorough job on the hood and duct cleaning. Fire protection is very important to us and a hood professionally cleaned by Monster Wash reduces the volatility of accumulated cooking grease.  

Sharon HannafinNorth Star Fire Systems Corp.
Tim Becker, General Manager

Excellent Standards

 Monster Wash has serviced us for years. We continue to choose Monster Wash as our primary hood cleaning service because of their ability to service us without any effort on our part, their commitment to excellent standards and their awareness of what is the best for the customer.
Their commitment to excellent standards is always a major factor in how they do business. In most cases, they call us and let us know when we our hoods are due for a cleaning. This is a great help to us because frees up time for us to focus on other important day to day tasks. When they call us to set up a cleaning, they always come when it is convenient for us. They work around our schedule, which can sometimes be very demanding.

One of the most important things for our business is to have a clean and safe work environment. When Monster Wash does service us, they make sure to clean our hoods thoroughly and effectively. They don’t clean half of them or do a poor job. It’s always great all of the time. They also make sure to clean up after themselves. Usually at first glance without looking at our hoods, you can’t even tell they have been there. They also make sure to check back with us a day or two after they have finished the job just to make sure everything is up to our standards.

Monster Wash is also great at keeping the customers best interests in mind. They will usually suggest to us ways to save on costs and are always helping us to get the most bang for our buck without compromising in quality. We are a very budget conscious and they are able to always make things work for us.

I would strongly recommend Monster Wash to any business who is looking for hood cleaning or any power washing services. They do an excellent job and won’t leave you disappointed.

Tim Becker, General ManagerMilwaukee Burger Company

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